City of Cacophony


City OF Cacaphony

The unknown tarred surface pricked on my toes,

Because it only saw comfort around the coral dusted dunes

I swam through the cacophony-

Bus. Cars. Autorickshaws’ and all going beep

Institutional alarms ringing a buzz

Liberating students to catch-on their bus.

Vendors stretches their arms and calls: yes!

Bewildered, I uttered my response in silence.


At times the wireless thing in my pocket would mutter-

“In 100 meters your destination will be on your right.”

I knew not about this much precision.

I just needed a calm base of CaCO3,

But the current swayed me into the unknown!

Into the smoky roads

Where, vehicle doesn’t own the fog.

Through the arch bridge into mountain tops

Through Mattanchery and Goshree bridges into the beaches.

Above all into a place

 where, though the speech betrayed

the air allowed the expression to be boundlessly conveyed.


A cityscape does gives you wings.

Instead of elongating,

From tentacles, feathers began sprouting.

Gently I became a winged-coral.

Does my polyp still crave for the numbness and silence of the deep sea

Or CaCO3…?


Hey, put on your Id card

Handover 2 rupee to the conductor

And you’ll be good to go!


Its just a City of Cacophony honey!

Shabnam is now pursuing her master's in SH College Thevara for English Literature. Hailing from Minicoy, Lakshadweep, she is a bibliophile and a budding forger of words.

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1 year ago

Very Nice

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