Agony for Paradise

The awless agony when you have to bear
The dusky dusty clouds of shattered homely hope, when it’s
your near
Heaps of heavy sobs, from the peaks, when you have to make
the Vision crystal clear
The clumsy cobwebs of callous frenzy, when you have to tear
When the crossroads come, to get deep buried or stand awake
When floating in the bloomy brook, the path to land you have
to make
Does your heart rip apart flowing flood of polished pearls
Does your heart crave for the Empty caves of never minding
You could have sunk into stream of scream
or could have depressed to death in dark dream
Still, far away a paradise awaiting you
Let it charm you, with its wholesome warmth let it warm you
Jubilance will be there when agony melts into river of delight
When clouds rain with colours bending and bowing, sun kissed
When ribs pain, pain of loud laugh
Eyes, Beaming and twinkling, glaring gratitude on your behalf.

Bhavya is a graduate from Hindu College, Delhi University.

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