Dreams of Female Bird


” The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it” , these are the brilliant words of the first Indian who went to Space , none other than one of the bravest heart women Kalpana Chawla. Her life was an example for humans, especially for the women to experience the journey of life and enjoy the path of setting dreams or goals.


        Dreams vary from person to person and below are some of the criteria or influence for the difference


1    Place they are born will have influence on them.

2    Economic and Social condition of their families.

3     Peer groups

4     The Social conditions of the country

5      Teachers

6       Leaders , Social thinkers and books etc


            These can also be called as the factors for framing the dreams of an individual. Through realising the dream of a person one can understand the individual’s perspective and intention toward life. All people will have different stories about their dreams it may be failure or success but the interesting fact is that dream is common to all.



             When we analyse the history of the countries we will come across the evolution of change in the pattern of dreams. With the help of history, long ago the where humans were treated as slaves based on the caste , colour and being the inhabitants of the country. The most Interesting fact was that this was the prevailing situation all over the world. Those times the dreams of the women was only about their survival. There was classification among the people on the base of skin colour. Those times were really the dark ages of humans specially the minorities which included the women.


           During those years the dreams of women were limited. They may dream about the simple things such as the women in all dream to be lucky if they were born as men in the elite class. The dream of white women ( the name as per the classification existed in the history) may to have their own choice specially in sex, marriage, social interaction, administration power etc . The dream of back women ( this name used as it was in the history) to end the classification  among women as white, black and brown , to have right on sex, work and wages, to protect their children from hunger, end slavery etc.


                    As we trace back the world history to the modern era ( 21st century) we could clearly depict the transformation from nothing to something ( in simple words) or the evolution of changes in the mindset of people. Which includes,

   from the elimination of classification among women to special rights and consideration of women.

     End of slavery and sexual harrassement.

     Right to vote .

     Education rights .

     Right to participate in the administration departments and military  of the country.

     Right to choice whether to stay as household or to earn salary ( Fundamental rights).

     Right over the marriage and sex.

      Form different organizations, programmes for the development and protection of women.


And includes the freedom of other personal choices.


             Not only the women but also all individuals enjoys the freedom but still there are social traumas which lay as the hindrance for the dreams of human beings specially the women. In many countries , society still considers the women as a weak section who need the protection and guidance of men for a safe and happy life. Most interesting fact is that humans specially the women take this point of view as a blessing instead of not realising the limitation behind the “Golden Cage”. There are reports which says about the shattering dreams of women as well as the women who collected all her hindrances as the stepping stone for her success and thus writing her own story and thus setting inspiration and example for specially  millions of women and girls around.


       The image of the world history changes as all the countries started to demand for the independence and Indians also call it as ” Swaraj”. This was the time which help people to realize the importance of unity irrespective of gender, colour, caste etc as all the humans suffered under the rule of many. Women suffered more among the community. After the independence of many countries hundreds of organization were formed on different aims which also includes for the protection of women.Though there are alive organisations many are weak and in some cases women stay as the enemy for another.Thus the reports say that this can also be stated as the reasons for the failure of the dreams of women or hindrances for the capacity of a woman or girl to dream.


             Cleopatra, Nefertiti,Simone de Beauvoir,Mary Wollstonecraft,Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Stanton, Lucy Stone,Raziya Sultan,Rani Lakshmi Bhai, Sarojini Naidu, Marie Curie, Kalpana Chawla, J k Rowling, Jane Addams, wangeri Maathai, Bachendri Pal, Indra Gandhi are some of the examples of the women power who accomplished their dream. This list includes the people from elite class to ordinary women and proves that dreams are common to all doesn’t  matter your birth status, family, country etc the only thing is to dream and to have the courage and determination for aiming and succeeding the dream or else it will remain always as a dream.

Akshara Vinod

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