Me, My Life and Who Else?

My writing has the ability to camouflage between a sarcasm as well as a protest, being a woman of 24 and not being able to speak about deciding on when I should get married
seems to be the sarcastic part, the other side of this tossed coin is that the situation has given mean opportunity to analyze what true capitalism is and why I have to join this protest. It’s not about great gestures as in October revolution, effort is not to bring the king down the throne, but to
throw a stone at him so that he wakes up from the dream, for readers unable to follow my
the king is the society. Capitalism comes with an individual’s move to master the art of
designing what he needs to live with, Indian households surprisingly give you the lesson of survival amidst harsh conditioning. When Bear Grylls release contents on man vs wild we live with a long series of man vs man ( also woman vs man), from the stereotypes that we have been fed all along and living to please, some breath of fresh air comes from young people discussing life of counterparts in other side of the world and making parents watch 3 idiots( the second method doesn’t seem to work, we need an alternate idea).

The journey from troubled kids to troubled adults, living amidst the perks of people pleasing we get a picture of individual rights still not paving the narrow lanes to Indian households, while the state is promoting and encouraging people to enjoy their own rights, pursue self interests, the question is where should we gather a protest? Is it on the streets or on the brains? Apart from speaking on an individualistic and intellectual scale, capitalism is not allowing people to thrive at the cost of our happiness as long as our choices do not have serious implications on the social structure, this monologue over thoughts and choices of individuals can play the right part in procuring responsible citizens for a state.

Crying loud ” The king is naked might be an act of courage, because his nudity has altered
his governance and thus negatively impacted your social life”, throwing an unsolicited
comment on someone’s choices is definitely an atrocity , men and women irrespective have been thrown into calamities like this on social platforms. With the model of feeding kids with stereotypes and
stigmas and few episodes of misogyny and toxicity we need to encompass long routes
giving them enough morale, courage and love to develop a generation more keen on building themselves pursuing their own thoughts, with more unpopular opinions coming up, I feel unimaginably content with the changing scenario, pushing kids and adults like us to own themselves, build their own socio political agendas.
In the rush for attaining uniformity and safety, an individual gaining voting rights losses his own. Aptitude has no place in our community, we are judged for decisions, concern it seems society decides where we put ourselves in this rat race to fit in better. I hope we lose individuality, for individuals seeking a refuge from monotony in life, capitalism remains a warmth. Designing our lives might seem simple with acquired financial freedom, but is this the only criteria, things feel so much more tangled, eloping from what they tell is obedience abstains an individual from the comfort zones of a family, most individuals opt moderate appropriate life, so that they fit in better than anyone else. On a concluding note revolutions were never easy but the results were amazing. So my question is who decides how you live,
it’s just you and your life

Dr Abhirami S Nair is a medical practitioner, passionate about writing , oration ,literature and loves to fund unpopular opinions
Abhirami S Nair

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