What is it like, not to have those reassuring memories to muse upon?

On an overcast day: the embracing refuge battling all loneliness and nyctophobia-

How does it feel, when there’s just a pile of bricks and splintered wood to call home?

And stare at those Christmas lights lit in distant homes;

The halls decked with the laughter of wonderful people


What is it like not to know-which one to call the Sun and the Moon?

Days when all fun and frolic seem steeped in the dust of deserts arid;

How does it feel, to learn and practice love instead?

Trying to learn like ‘ABC’, what can only be from the heart felt.


What is it like, to walk up the wet streets lost?

No unconditional caring hand in which to thrust your own

How does it feel to crave for warmth in the desolate corner?

Under a tattered mattress, the neon lights of a bustling city,

Mocking at your shattered self.


What is it like to be ignorant, of such engrossed attention of a mother?

Or forget the elusive images and wry smile of a tired father;

How does it feel to accustom one with emptiness and devastation as colossal?

A desperate try with a broken heart, to be a part of the broken world.


Sayandeep Das is a Third year student at Hindu College, University of Delhi pursuing his graduation in History. His work has earlier appeared in online platforms like "The Story Vault '', " PoetsIndia" and "  The Ignited Quill" magazines like "Reminiscences" and "Qaasid" amongst several others. He has a passion for poetry, short stories, plays, articles and philosophical fiction, apart from the occasional painting. He is an ardent devotee of nihilistic and existential schools of thought and considers figures like Franz kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus to be his ideals.

Sayandeep Das

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