The Stranger

They appear in the strangest of places.
The eyes of the stranger.

Those eyes were strange indeed.
Strange in more ways than i could tell.

Cold and unrevealing, they were to most.
But I could tell, something was stirring
deep beneath those pitch black covers.

Was it anger or guilt
Regret or dismay, I could not decipher.
But it was strong indeed.
So strong that it reeked of fear.

They appear in the strangest of places.
In the stillest of waters.
From behind the mirrors.
They appear in the strangest of places indeed.

Anandakrishnan V R is from Kerala, he holds a bachelor's degree in economics, from University of Delhi. He enjoys writing poems, mostly about human feelings and experiences. He wishes to travel the world and accumulate a wide variety experiences to better understand humans and himself and through it become a better version of himself, a better human being.
Anandakrishnan V R

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