The Struggles of a Mediocre Person


The Strufles of a Mediocre Person

One remarkable feature I consider superior among human race is his ability to respect and at the same time disagree with one another that too with no amount of violence interfering, clearly marking boundaries of physical and mental harm. The recent trend in that has acceptance in social media are people who no longer want to watch other side. Spirituality , atheism, being religious has all caused a long verbal war but the inhabitants being so much intolerant to criticism. My heart goes with the mediocre thinking, don’t we finally need a space among theese religious guys who are primal in causing fear, doubt , disrespecting and atheists who scorn everything they hate.


My concern is not about acceptance but understand that it is okay to believe in God, be spiritual and simultaneously criticising practices in a religion, it works for both atheist too, found it the only way an institution can excel in it’s aim of being the best to humankind, after all the ritual is not to divide and rule but find a society where people can believe in things , practice being spiritual and atheist unless and until their believes have not crossed it’s way to disrespect or harm anyone else.


The necessity of science to explain how content I feel at believing in someone omnipotent is rather inappropriate. We don’t have to be in disagreement with an ideology to agree with something else, The social media trend is posting hypothesis as theories, neither proved nor accepted but atleast among trending. Somewhere in the process we have lost the power to criticize ourselves, in love with what is trending that we do not realise what is good for ourselves might not be the same for others. Trying to find scientific explanations for what keeps our morale boosted is really absurd.I hope I have every right to express whatever my opinion is provided it is not disrespecting or harming any other individual.


As soon as some scientists is spottex with a quote on why they believe in God we have enough amount of people calling them stupid or making up false conspiracy theories on how their mental health might be affected after a life long worth discoveries. The worst part of this drama is that such ideologists bring up science ( most appropriately bring up rocket science) while there is a discussion about poetic expressions of Shakespeare. A lot of people have been proved wrong in the process of discovering theories we have now they were steps in discoveries, each one was covering up mistakes done by someone in the past.


Social media is where we discuss each other’s opinions and become aware of things, it’s not where we can have an intellectual reading, each one of us have been only provided with news we supported or is in agreement, something shakes our ideologies are naturally not fed with, with no amount of time spend on analysing and thoroughly cross dissecting things we are fed with conclusions that are opinion of others, the meme pages of religious groups and atheist groups both extremists in their field fail to acknowledge mistakes committed by their masters and is in no interest to question them. Something that was told by Makkal Selvan really makes sense. Myself being in midst of such groups have failed to make a space in social media. The trend is to divide and not unite in spite of disagreements. Whatever institution come into existence finally we accept and provide someone with supreme power to lead us which is the real insanity. We have stopped drawing conclusions and started impregnating their views.



Dr Abhirami S Nair is a medical practitioner, passionate about writing , oration ,literature and loves to fund unpopular opinions
Dr Abhirami S Nair
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